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  • Dan Albert S. de Padua

The Advantages of a Heat Wave

It’s so hot . . .


·      when you put on clothes from out of the closet, parang laging bagong plantsa.


·      matipid din naman sa kuryente dahil sobrang init ng tubig sa shower kahit hindi nakaplug ang Bhagwan.


·      puede magpapawis even without exercising.


·      walking around the mall, lahat ng babae naka-shortshorts at spaghetti strap.


·      DepEd is going to change the school schedule again because kids will learn so much more during the storm and flood season.


·      the kotong kops are not manning their usual traffic traps, and you can break the law with impunity.


·      we can order halo-halo even after a big meal without feeling guilty.


·      the government is finally looking at ways to help people, which means it’s going to rain soon.





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